Window Washing

When you use our service, you receive:

  • Window washing employees wearing shoe covers, uniforms and name badges
  • Radio dispatched company vehicles
  • Your floors, furniture and carpet, protected by drop cloths and padded ladders
  • Lint-free towels
  • We supply our own cleaning products

window washing

Window washing is an important part of healthy home hygiene. With our skillful window washers, it takes care and effectiveness to achieve professional results. When we wash your windows, we use spot free water and extension poles to prevent having to walk on your roof, patio cover, or other delicate surfaces. If it is necessary to walk on the roof, our service trucks are equipped with foam pads that our crew members can utilize to travel across your rooftop without damaging the tiles. We use industry specific lint-free towels to wipe window frames, edges and sills after using our squeegees. This prevents dripping later on the glass. We also wipe the tracks out to leave them nice and clean. Our window cleaning solutions won’t harm your glass, tint or your trim, whether it’s vinyl, metal, or wood.


window washing


window washing

Why have clean windows and dirty window sills? Enhance the look of your home with clean trim. Our process allows us to wash the exterior wood trim around the windows as well as glass.

Our residential crews are trained to help customers whatever they want, including cleaning interior/exterior light fixtures, mirrors, chandeliers or whatever they might care to have done. We are here to operate on the philosophy of giving the customers great service.

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We install Christmas lights!

Our experienced crews can help install all your Christmas decorations and lighting. We can quote you either a flat rate or an hourly charge with the option of putting up your own lights, or providing you with a set.

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