Professional Rust Removal

Typically once rust has got into concrete brick or stone, it is almost impossible to get out. Some companies try using different chemicals, and others try using pressure washing. None of these processes work effectively. Here at Pacific Cleaning Services, we partnered with a chemical company that has a cleaning solution allowing us to remove rust from deep within the pores of the concrete or other surfaces. At times, we are able to remove rust that’s been there for up to 60 years, even with heavy buildup. Our process for removing rust causes no damage to the surface it is on. We offer Professional Rust Removal, Battery Acid Rust Removal, and Fertilizer Rust Stain Removal. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. For a free demonstration and estimate please call Pacific Cleaning Services, Inc. at 949-829-8790.

This is some of the worst rust that we have seen yet. We were able to get the rust out of the concrete and make it look almost brand new again!

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