Safety is the number one priority at Pacific Cleaning & Restoration Services

  • All of our employees are trained and certified on all the equipment they use by the manufacturer.
  • All our foremen are both CPR and first aid certified.
  • Our crews use safety cones and barricades to close our work area and ensure a safe passage for the public.
  • We train employees on all equipment and sign off weekly at safety meetings.
  • We train and certify our window cleaners through the International Window Cleaning Certification Institute (IWCCI) and follow rules and regulations of the ANSI I 14.1 with regards to safety.
  • Our staff goes through extensive safety training at the time they are hired and regularly on site.

If a window cleaner is at your building and a customer gets injured, the management company or the cleaning company failed to ensure their safety. Thus, you are at risk for liability and coverage. Make sure your window cleaner is willing to take the time to rope off a safe working area.

Our supervisors perform regular safety inspections on all our crews as required by OSHA. Safety glasses and gloves are always used when working with any chemicals.

We are happy to schedule our work during off hours in order to avoid busy traffic areas.

Creating a safe work area for our employees in the drive-through area.

Each working crew member uses a spotter, so when the public is near the site, we stop working as a safety precaution.

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