Call or book online our maid service to evaluate your cleaning needs on your own time!

Our maid service is very organized and take pride in the work they do while working in your home. In addition to being available for cleanup during and after parties, we also help set up any special occasion.

maid service
A maid cleans up around the household and tailors her services based on the customer’s requests.
  • We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on-call service as needed.
  • We come out every time and perform the same services or we can tailor each visit to fit your needs.
  • Our employees wear shoe covers and company uniforms. Only our permanent employees will arrive at your home completely trained to clean your home in a professionally.
  • We always send the same crew so they are familiar with your home and you are familiar with them as well.
  • We equip our own supplies and use eco-friendly chemicals to lessen the footprint on our environment and your home.

Our “Maid Service menu” lists all the items we can clean.

Our on-site maids will leave “Maid Service Menus” in your home. You can manually mark each item that requires cleaning on the page as you go along your day. When our maids arrive for your service, they will check and clean the items marked on the menu.

Please let our maid know if you have a preferred special cleaning solution or special surfaces that require different solutions. Our maids are happy to accommodate to your needs.

Party Prep/Service/Cleanup

We prepare for your party by washing glasses, setting decorations, cleaning, organizing, and anything to get ready for the party. Furthermore, our qualified crew member arrives to help with food service and cleaning while the party is in progress, giving you time to spend with your guests.

The next morning, or shortly after your special occasion has ended, our crew members take care of any remaining tasks while you relax. We clean the kitchen, wash the dishes, put away decorations, load supplies in the van for the rental company, and help you get organized again.

We sell more than cleaning services – we provide free time, support, relaxation and peace of mind.

If there is any reason why you don’t feel that we have, let us know and we will return to resolve any conflicts. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Custom Move-In Service

In today’s busy world and its abundance of large beautiful homes being built, many homeowners don’t have the necessary time to do all the work of packing up all their special belongings only to unpack them and organize them in their new homes.

Most moving companies also don’t hire the type of people you would want to do this work in your home.

Why contact another vendor if the same local company that has been washing your windows, performing your maid service, scrubbing your floors and performing all the other specialized services also offers this customized help for your packing and unpacking needs? Our team also offers organization tips and set-up ideas for your home in addition to helping you with whatever you need.

A simple phone call can provide you with a crew as small as one person to however many people you need. There are no limitations on the length of time it will take to complete a job – let us know how long you will need us for, and we will work with you.

Now you can have all your time back and rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of.

See what customers are saying on Yelp:

When we clean we hand detail every aspect of the home.

Chandelier Cleaning

We have had the equipment and experience to clean all types of chandeliers and light fixtures since 1985. Our crew uses appropriate ladders to reach and any other tools necessary to effectively and safely complete the job.

When cleaning a very expensive chandelier (photo below), we often use a moist towel to massage each crystal. We may use an air compressor to remove the dirt and dust from delicate areas.

Additionally, we place large soft blankets underneath the chandelier.