House and Roof Cleaning

House and roof cleaning is a popular way to make your home look new again. Many upscale homeowners and property managers have realized the benefit of a regular cleaning on their wood, doors, siding, stucco, roof tiles and other areas where dirt can build up and ruin painted surfaces.

Pacific Cleaning and Restoration has been cleaning houses and roofs since 1985. Our house and roof cleaning technicians are experienced roofers and our goal is to make homes and roofs look like new again. Every house and roof washing is tailored to the uniqueness of the home. Our team of roof cleaning technicians use a soft cleaning tip to clean the roof. This soft tip is used with cold water and without harsh chemicals or hash cleaning methods. This is just one of the reasons Pacific Cleaning & Restoration has earned an excellent track record for professional house and roof cleaning.

house and roof cleaning
Washing a smooth Plaster home in Santa Monica.

Using a soft bristle brush and water we were able to make this garage door clean again

house and roof cleaning

Washing the salt build up off this beach home (below) and applying a protective coating to the surface will prevent salt water corrosion and fading.
House and Roof cleaning

House washing includes cleaning off all the copper gutters (below) to give the home that perfect look.

House and Roof cleaning

Special water fed poles allow us to reach and wash the slippery metal roof of a 5-story home with safety. Never hire anyone to go on your roof unless they can tell you how they can do the work safely.

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