Hardwood Floor Restoration

The biggest drawbacks to refinishing hardwood floor is the amount of dust from sanding and chemical fumes from sealing. With Pacific Cleaning Services Inc., you no longer have to worry about any of these concerns or whether your home or business will be open for use during the process. We restore floors to their original beauty at your convenience with no dust, odor, or disruptions.

Regular mopping doesn’t reach the stubborn dirt that lies deep in the pores. Sometimes the products you use cause the floor to attract more soil to you hardwood. Uniquely, our process uses a high-speed rotary brush and proprietary cleaning solution to break up tough dirt and contaminates. As we clean the floor, squeegees trap dirt taking up that top layer of soil that lays at the surface of the floor, and a powerful vacuum extracts soil and excess cleaning solution. With proper floor maintenance and professional hardwood floor cleaning you can ensure your hardwood always looks new and lasts longer.

Clean and protect your floor with Pacific Cleaning Services, Inc.‘s very own Poly Coat. Our durable, quick-dry Poly Coat will provide a protective layer to your floors. After our deep cleaning process, we will coat your floor with an even layer of our Poly Coat solution, creating a barrier against water, spills, drinks and chemical damage. In addition to helping your hardwood resist scratching and scuffing, you can have a high gloss and shine or satin finish. It will leave your floor protected and looking good long throughout the years.

Before                                                                             After

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