No other company in the history of Southern California has ever cleaned more new or remodeled custom homes after construction than us! We are simply the best!

Pacific Cleaning Services cleans about 90% of all new custom homes built in Orange County ever year.

Residential Construction Cleanup

During the process of residential construction cleanup, most windows get covered in paint, plaster, silicone, stucco, and stickers from the factory. Our technicians are trained to clean them without damage. We clean all types of glass, including beveled, tempered, high performance, leaded and tinted. We are proficient in cleaning all types of frames including anodized, wood, vinyl clad, metal clad and steel.

residential construction cleanup
Our employees take extra precaution to ensure that they will not risk damage to your roof tiles while they work.

During a residential construction cleanup, contractors worry about having people walk on the roof when they build a home. Our employees are trained to walk on roofs including Spanish tile by having our lightest team member walk on foam pads that disperse the weight so the tiles won’t break. We are the only company in Orange County to stock 8″ foam pads on every single truck. Therefore, if necessary for our crew members to walk on the roof, we guarantee that no tiles will be broken. California OSHA states that it is a violation if a window washer walks on a roof. Because we are a licensed contractor, we are permitted to do so.

We also train our staff to understand the importance of safety and never take chances whether working alone or in high traffic areas. Our trained technicians can effectively remove tape, stucco, paint, caulking, stickers and all other construction type of debris from the surface of the glass without causing any scratches.

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We vacuum every square inch of your home. When cleaning your home, we always:

  • Machine scrub all stone floors
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors
  • Remove dirt and dust from all tubs, tile, mirrors, cabinets, flooring, moldings, windows, hardware, lights and other surfaces.
  • The entire home is transformed from a dirty construction site to a dust free move in environment.

Our employees start by vacuuming every square inch of the home including walls, ceilings, wood work, stone, appliances, floors, etc. using a special HEPA vacuum with a very fine filter to remove most of the dust in the house.

Then, we wipe all surfaces excluding flat wall paint and/or fabrics using a moist towel to remove any dust in the home. When we are done, your home is truly a dust-free environment.

Residential Construction Cleanup References:

We set the standard other companies try to reach. The following is only a sample of some of the builders we have worked for.

Accosta & Associates
A&M Development
Adams Construction
Baachus Development
Bayside Construction
Belvadere Development
Bibb Construction
Bill Boeringer
Brock Lyster Construction
Brown Brothers Construction
Bruce Roland Construction
Buwalda Construction
Carney Schooler Builders
Conant Construction
Cox Novac Construction
Coastal Pacific Construction
Colburn Construction
CP Mcclarry Construction
CTK Construction
Custom Home Specialist
Del Mar Custom Homes
Delevan Construction

Derek Niblo & Company
Devco Homes
Don Bergeman Construction
Don Custom Builders
Dugally Oberfeld, LLC
Dynamic Builders
Eldn Blasco Inc.
Erickson Construction
Fenn Construction
Duane Fitzgerald Company
Falbo Construction
Greg Lee Builders
G.N.S. Construction
Heil Construction
Hilton Builders
Hobson Construction
JC Dyer Company
JP Contracting
JT Builder
JTC Estates
Kelly Construction
La Maison Construction

Los Trancos Development, Inc.
Lippnick & Sons
Longman Construction
Mark Lee Construction
McKeehan Construction
Mike Delevan General Contractor, Inc.
Nathu Development
NK David Construction
Oneill Development
Pacific Design Estates
Patrick Smith Builder
Paul Olson General Contractor
Peltzer Builders
Pinnacle Custom Homes
Pride Mark Contracting
Prestige Builders
Premiere Wood Works
RDMS, Inc.
Renaisance Custom Builders
Rodeo Homes
Richard Crawford Company
RL Carrol Contractor

R.L.J. Construction
Robert Ferguson Company
Robert Frazer Construction
R.S. Myers
Saddleback Interiors
Skibicki Construction
Shane Scott Construction
Scott English General Contractor
Starns Company Builders
Steve Mason Construction
Stonefield Development
Stodder Construction
South California Construction
Sun Pacific Construction
The Lewis Carl Builders
Todd Scholer & Associates
Trivest Builders Inc.
Twitchell Builders
Valentine Construction
Village Builders
Vitteralli Construction
W Custom Homes

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    Looking for construction clean up and window washing of entire residence (lots of floor to ceiling windows). Probably need in about a month. Looking for a quote. Thanks so much! Kat


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