Pacific Cleaning Services, Inc. has cleaned more new construction cleanup projects than any other company in the history of Southern California.

Commercial Construction Cleaning Services

Pacific Cleaning & Restoration Services Inc. offers value-added service with the flexibility to work around your schedule. We work with you and your general contractor to ensure the best construction cleanup without ever inconveniencing tenants, customers or visitors.

All our window cleaners are trained using the ANSI I.14 safety standards that Cal-OSHA regulates as the guidelines for safe window cleaning. On the Nordstrom Fashion Island for Bailey Construction project, we created our site safety work plan and had it approved by the contractor prior to bringing in the large equipment and working around the other subs.

We heavily train our staff to understand the importance of safety whether working alone or in high traffic areas. Our trained technicians effectively remove tape, stucco, paint, caulking, stickers, debris from glass surfaces without causing damages.

When the largest contractors in Southern California need a large difficult job done, like the new Loma Linda Medical Center…


We are licensed state contractors and leaders in the industry since 1985.

commercial construction cleaning servicesWe are the largest commercial construction cleaning services in Southern California and Nevada. Pacific Cleaning Services, Inc. is the only company that trains all of its employees to follow all the guidelines of the ANSI I 14  guidelines referenced by OSHA.

  • PACIFIC has a construction cleanup contractors’ license #768079.
  • We provide a site safety plan prior to starting work identifying all safety hazards, letting you know how we will protect your subs and what equipment we will use.
  • Our crews work on projects in the private sector, prevailing wage certified payroll, and/or union.
  • The crews have the experience and safety training to use 100 boom lifts, swing stage, scissor lifts and other specialty equipment for specialized cleaning applications. All of our employees are certified to use this equipment.
  • PACIFIC improves all your basic labor services. With Pacific Cleaning Services, Inc., you are covered by our $2 million liability insurance, $1 million auto insurance policy and workman’s comp policies.
  • We are small business certified.
  • All our foremen are CPR/first aid certified and have an OSHA ID card.
  • We attend the annual International Window Cleaning Association Conference and stay up-to-date on safety industry standards.

We supply most equipment at no charge, including, but not limited to…

  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Sand bagging
  • Use of pump during flood situation keeps drains clean during flood situation
  • Basic sweeping and trash clean-up
  • Construction and office clean-up
  • Miscellaneous job site clean-up
  • Digging or dirt moving
  • Roof scrap out (Cal/OSHA and other safety requirements met)
  • Plastic off or board up
  • Moving supplies to assist subcontractors
  • Assist superintendents in any way needed
  • Flood clean-up, water extracting, mopping, floor squeegees
  • Fire hose wash down of parking lot (we supply the hose)

Is the rental yard closed? – call us! We have…

  • Brooms, floor squeegees
  • Wheel barrels
  • Shovels & rakes, ladders
  • Vacuums
  • Hoses
  • Mop & mop bucket
  • Shop vac
  • Lights
  • Carpet movers
  • Fridge dolly
  • Fire hose
  • Pressure washer
  • Generator
  • Water pump
  • Additional trucks
  • dump truck
  • Water extractor
  • Floor scrubbers
  • Labor is supervised
  • Bring our own tools, trucks and supplies

Commercial Construction Cleaning Services Completed

Cerritos Town Center
Millie & Severson Construction
Inland Regional Center
Diffenbaugh Construction
Tustin Library
GKK Works
Sycamore Elementary School
Meadows Construction Services
Orange Terrace Library and Community Center
Diffenbaugh Construction
Fox Theater
Bayley Construction
Our Lady Queen of Angels School
Illig Construction
Whittier College Campus Center
Millie & Severson Construction

Burbank Medical Plaza
Millie & Severson Construction
Kimberly Business Park
Diffenbaugh Construction
Cottonwood Christian Center
Diffenbaugh Construction
Sea Bridge Plaza
Lusardi Construction
Viasat Building No. 6
Reno Contracting
Bacchus Office Park
Snyder Langston
Pacific Gateway Center
Millie & Severson Construction
Centre Point Plaza
Reno Contracting

Otay Ranch Town Center
Bayley Construction
Arlington Regional Learning Center
Erickson Hall Construction Company
Xavier College Preparatory High School
Roel Construction
St. Therese of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church
T.B. Penick & Sons
Aqua Towers
Summit Builders
Naval Golf Course Club House
Parkway Construction
Utica Corporate Plaza
Panattoni Construction
H M C World Headquarters
Diffenbaugh Construction

The Shops at Rossmoor
J. M Stitt Construction
Orchard Hills Plaza
Cuesta Construction
Providence Medical Center
Millie & Severson Construction
Magnum Enterprises
Santa Ysabel Casino
Bayley Construction
Best Buy
Magnum Enterprises
Claremont Village Shops
Pankow Construction
Wickes Furniture
W.E. O’Neil
Pitzer College Dorms
Bayley Construction
Pomona Maintenance Station
Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc.

General Contractor References

Al Shankle Construction
AGI General Contracting
Asher Industries, Inc.
Bergman Construction
Bayley Construction
Century Builders
Consolidated Contracting Services, Inc.
Cuesta Construction
DBAC, Inc.
De Bartolo Properties
Douglas E. Barnhart Inc.
DPR Construction
Dynamic Builders
Edge Construction
Eleven Western Builders
Erickson-Hall Construction
Fullmer Construction
Heartland Retail Construction
GKK Works Construction Services
G.N.S. Construction
Gates Construction

Hedley Construction
Howard Building Corporation
Howard CDM
HMC Construction
J.D. Diffenbaugh
J.L. Madison
J.M. Stitt Construction
J. Ray Construction
J.G. Construction
JLC Associates
KNR Builders
Kemp Brothers Construction
Kirkley Corporation
Klaer Bittain
KPRS Construction Services Inc.
L.E. Wentz Company
Lusardi Construction

Magnum Enterprises
Miller Contracting
Millard Refrigeration
Millie & Severson
Mission Pools
Meadows Construction
NK David Construction
Norse Enterprises
Norm Wilson & Sons
Oltmans Construction
Opus West
Pacific Building Industries
Pacific Design Estates
Pacific Orca Corporation
Panattoni Construction
Pankow Special Projects
Parkway Construction
Pepper Construction Company
R.D. Olson Construction

Rancho Builders
Reno Contracting
Rexco Corporation
Riggins Construction
ROEL Construction
Savant Construction
Sage Contracting Company
SD Decon
Siino Contracting
Slater Buildres Inc.
Snyder Langston
Summit Builders Construction Company
TBC Contractors Corporation
T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.
Thorpe Construction
TMA Associates
TOA E & E Corporation
Tobey/Schultz Construction
Trestik Harty Inc.
2 H Construction
W.E. O’Neil Construction Company
Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.

Hire Pacific Cleaning Services, Inc. for commercial construction cleaning services – we have the skills, the tools, the equipment, the professionalism, and the OSHA safety training to do it right.


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