Why is air duct cleaning important?

The air conditioning and ventilation system in your home is a collection point for a variety of undesirable contaminants including dust, fungus, and bacteria. The gradual buildup of dust, dirt, or hair can’t be prevented. In addition to your day to day creation of dust particles, your duct work can be a breeding ground for various mildew and bacteria that can lead to problems for those with asthma or severe allergies. At this point, air duct cleaning is necessary to breathe comfortably.

Pacific Cleaning Services Inc. knows that having clean air ducts in the home are important to the indoor air quality. In fact, the condition of air ducts in your home often reflects the condition of air quality in the home. Air duct cleaning is a very important step in safeguarding your home and family from pollutants.

How do you know when your air ducts needs cleaning?

Visually inspecting your air ducts will instantly tell you a few things. If you see large clumps of dust, dirt, debris, soil particles, hair, and water around the air ducts, you will learn that your air ducts are visibly clogged and need to be cleaned immediately.

Alternatively, you can also give us a call and we will come out and inspect your ducts for free. We will provide recorded video footage displaying the state of your ducts so that you can determine whether or not it is necessary to clean your air ducts.

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